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A network materializing

Last updated on Oktober 18, 2021

It was this beautiful weekend in September, when Jane was sitting in my garden on a Sunday afternoon for a coffee, that all the connections seemed to click. I had just returned from Woerden, where I had met Fieke. Jenny, who lives nearby, had commented that she would have loved to meet us. And the following Thursday, Colin would arrive from Johannesburg/South Africa, to attend our TEDxMünster conference. What had been happening only in the digital world, had suddenly, within a few days, made the step into the real world.

Jane made a detour to Münster – to see me – on her way from Kaiserslautern to Dortmund. Which I felt deeply honoured by. She had about two hours. We sat and talked, and it felt so natural, as if we had done that many times before. She told me about her projects, her professional career, the companies she had worked for. And about her ambition to support schools with the INL (initiative for a new way of learning at school). And we exchanged our views on facilitation methods, what works in which situation, what could be done differently.

One week later, I would see her again, and Yuen Yen with her husband, Jenny, and Colin: at our TEDxMünster conference, where I had managed to invite Colin as a speaker. I feel so blessed to know all of you!

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