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Last updated on Dezember 15, 2021

Ezequiel was not on the list of people I wanted to visit straight away. He cherishes his autonomy. He is friendly and cooperative, always, but he would never push himself upon people. So I was shy to ask. And am so glad I then visited him and his partner Amy in Miami.

I was so warmly received and looked after! Ezequiel cooked the nicest plantain and eggs breakfast for me. He took me on walks in the early morning to the wonderful nature reserve and the Florida International University campus on Biscayne Bay. We walked and talked in the early morning sun, watched the birds and fish and beautiful trees. And he took me to South Beach Miami where I admired the typical art deco architecture and stood with my feet in the ocean. 

He told me about his plans to coach courageous leaders. „I want to make an impact“, he says. I can picture him taking his own strong approach to help leaders: allowing wholeness, holding the space for people who don’t usually have someone to speak to freely, and opening opportunities to them through all the creativity, the knowledge and strategic thinking that he has in store.

Because Ezequiel can take on different perspectives easily. His mind is very fast. He shared how his mind connects different things, like aspects of a game of football and systemic leadership, in an instant. So he sees things that others don’t see as easily, but which bring great value. 

Ezequiel came to the United States from Ecuador at a very early age. And I get the impression that he didn’t find it easy. It becomes quite obvious, however, that it helped him grow as a person. „Without all the challenging and humbling  experiences over the years, I might have become an asshole“, he commented. Instead, he cultivated empathy, compassion and a great amount of sensitivity. 

In Miami, he finds ideal conditions for himself. Austin and Miami, he explained to me, are the places to be: tech people come here, venture capital follows. So he can explore favourite topics like virtual reality. Besides, the climate is friendly in Florida, and the calming ocean is always close. 

Ezequiel is part of the DesignThinkers Group US, but not only this. He likes to rely on various pillars that form his professional life. Besides, he has his innovation consultancy Contexto, and he is active as a photographer at Moment77 with a passion for portrait photography.

Thank you Ezequiel, for the profound conversations that we had in this very short time!

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