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Last updated on Juni 18, 2021

I got to know Jenny at quite an early stage during spring 2020. She joined the Wednesday Web Jam from session one and didn’t miss one until the summer. She’s a constituent member of the community. And she was highly interested in all sorts of experiments and workshops that we tried out in different constellations. Jenny was immediately on board when I started a (short lived) initiative named „Healthy and happy workshop experiences“ – and volunteered to organize workshop session no. 2, together with Colin Skelton. During our workshops, we meditated online, we were animals on Zoom – elephants, koalas, horses – and we walked back into history and into our future, all in front of the camera.

Jenny is a Lego Serious Play expert, so she started to experiment with remote workshops using the Lego method to facilitate. She made us ideate on our careers. We built our personal and professional paths with long legged green-and-pink bridges and flying objects, decorated with greenery so it resembled a witch’s broom. I had all the wrong bricks, because on the day our first LSP encounter took place, I had left the office far too late and was struggling to find ANY suitable Lego on our attic: my son had been more into spaceships. So we giggled and chattered and opened up our hearts and souls from session to session. My family knew exactly when to stay away, while I was happily lego-ing away on our sunny terrace during this summer.

Our group is still alive and kicking, and I have the privilege to be a member of it. We are four women who have experienced ups and downs in life, we keep the tone easy and sway between strictly professional (e.g. comparing income rates as consultants) and heart-felt exchange (moving out of home).

When we finally met in person in Utrecht/NL in early April ’21, it felt like seeing a good friend. Jenny accommodated me in her house in the prettiest room. She cooked wonderful dinner and showed me around her (really her friend’s) allotment. Had there only been more time, we would have followed the Utrecht arts track. Instead, we didn’t manage to squeeze all the stories that wanted to be told into the conversation. I do hope she will publish a book at some stage in the future!

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  1. Thanks Wiebke, what a colourful
    Story you tell! Let’s add WWJ #52 marmalade beer tasting to the list of events soon…. greetz from Utrecht, Jenny

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