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Yuen Yen II – Bringing the WWJ to the Next Stage

Last updated on Juni 14, 2022

„This has been my global week“, said Yuen Yen. „I have been talking to Anupa in India, to Ximena in Mexico and to Daryl in Singapore during these last days.“ And then she sat down at my dinner table on Monday. 

We had discovered earlier that we had a short overlap between her arrival to Münster from The Hague my departure to Berlin where I would attend the re:publica conference. Because of the conference, I had passed a facilitation job on to her some time ago – and forgotten about it. So here we were, physically together in one room again! No chance to find an open shop that day, so I had to improvise dinner, which went fine, together with the Cappadocian red wine that Henk Frits and Yuen Yen brought as a present.

The conversation started with graduating daughters and went to travel plans (Cappadocia and Singapore) in no time. Yuen Yen is like a fresh whirlwind gushing through the room. We talked about evolutionary options for our common project, the Wednesday Web Jam. Why not have an Asian or an African version of it in the future? How could we then make sure that the international team would collaborate, always? We can think big and consider details, at the same time. It is not always very clear if we’re talking about the same thing, but in the end, the shared vision is beautiful, anyway. 

I can feel a strong bond of friendship which has grown in the last two years. Maybe I will see you in Amsterdam or The Hague this summer? Or at the DT conference in autumn, or in Münster, again? Never mind, it won’t be too long!

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