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When we were supposed to meet in Tonbridge, Kent, at 11 am, Mimp wasn’t there. She had overslept. Because she works at crazy hours, aligning with Ximena in Mexico, or helping clients in Singapore. So she is constantly juggling time zones and hours. Mimp loves to be where change can be sensed, where a promising project is acquiring shape and she can help to get things off the ground. 

For the Wednesday Web Jam, Mimp does social media work, creates visuals for all channels and makes sure everything keeps on track. Hardly anything will escape her. She is sensible to GDPR questions and privacy on the internet, she finds flaws in the process or addresses even the slightest irritation with confidence. 

Mimp is at home in two cultures: Thai and British. She came to the UK at the age of 15, and still keeps close contact to her enlarged family in Thailand. In her daily life, she emotionally travels backwards and forwards between her two identities. Being clear and outspoken about something that is not quite right? Not a problem for her British identity. Being conformist, not questioning what a senior person has said, even if it is not okay? To speak up then would be insurmountable for her Thai self, because Thai people just don’t do these things. It is considered very rude. Still, Mimp can draw on the energy of a powerful female lineage: her grandmother and her mother. 

Maybe, this is where she was able to nurture her creative confidence. The other source, she says, has been the Design Museum in London. Going there opened up a path for her how she could influence the way things work, change the world for good.

I had to see for myself, and she is so absolutely right: The perspective on design is heartwarming. Who has ever thought about the tremendous impact that, for example, standardized containers had on world wide trade? Mimp went to Arts School and to Goldsmiths University of London. In her professional life, she has done a lot of pro bono work, apart from acquiring more and more „real“ design jobs. And learnt a lot which exceeds the field of design. „I will have to introduce my new team to team and community building, soon“, she says. Go for it 🙂 !

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