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What’s the learning?

Covid is still around. It has evolved from a pandemic to an almost normal disease. Work has picked up again, travelling is back to normal, and the pace of life has accelerated a lot. Therefore, this project of mine has come to an end.  

I am very thankful for the last 3+ years. They have helped me spread my wings and set out into a new sphere. I travelled a lot – in spite of the circumstances and restrictions. I was able to get to know wonderful people, who I had only met online before – a lot more people, actually, than I have featured on this blog website. Some of them have become good friends, like Jane, who I now see regularly, or Ximena, who is very dear to me and came to see me in Münster last year. Like Colin, who I would love to work with more in real life, or Hugo, who brings a lot of light into this world.

There are many more stories and encounters I could write about here, but somehow, there is never enough time. They will still all stick with me, and every person I met during this time, has contributed to the experience, which I am extremely grateful for.

My journeys have helped me to shift my work and private life towards a bigger frame. I am starting to find a footing in London, helping founders of start-ups to develop their business plans. 

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