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Jane – Berlin, This Time

For the first in-person re:publica conference in Berlin, in June 2022, Jane and I met again.

Since late summer 2021, when Jane went from her home in Kaiserslautern to Dortmund via Münster, just to see me for an afternoon coffee in our garden, we have met a couple of times:

Jane came to our TEDxMünster festival in September, where she met Colin and Yuen Yen and Jenny. We then met in London, where she invited me for a birthday lunch with her family in Greenwich at the end of October. Only to meet again at the Design Thinking Conference in Amsterdam in early November that year.

Jane is smart, pragmatic, and courageous. She took an incredibly courageous step and moved to Berlin on a permanent basis, finding herself a new work and a new flat to start all over. She is a highly sought after professional with a huge network. We still manage to cultivate our professional/private exchange in our group of four with Jenny and Paola, which is a source for deep insight and inspiration for me.

I am pretty confident we will not lose contact any more. That makes me happy.

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