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Last updated on Juni 12, 2023

Warm energy and a fearless soul.

Swareena joined the Wednesday Web Jam crew quite late, together with Colin and Hugo. She brought with her a wave of fresh energy and curiosity, much needed at a time when we were all somehow loosing the spark in our effort to create meaningful sessions.

Swareena came to Europe from a little town in Maharashtra/India to study here. She did her 4th year design internship in London in 2018, and was now, in January 2023, proud to be back in London for her first job. On the day we met, she had a crazy work day: one online meeting after another, squatting on the bed, in a scarce little room without heating, and hardly any time to even eat. Still, she seems proud to work for British Telecom as a service designer. „I basically have to untangle spaghetti“, she explained to me: trying to analyse and improve processes for a big telecommunications company, because they have evolved and become complicated and unintelligible over the years.

Swareena doesn’t seem to need much. She made her way through the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy for studies and internships in only a few years, sleeping on thin mattresses, with very little money, commuting backwards and forwards. She did tell me where she went at what time, but I couldn’t keep up with the many places she’s been to. She has an incredible amount of positive energy („yes, but someone has to channel it“), is a fruit lover, a brisk walker, and loves exploring. 

When she listens, whoever talks suddenly feels meaningful. Because she finds something good in almost everything, Ximena dedicated some of her time every Sunday to mentor Swareena during her first months working on the WWJ team curating jam sessions, which she seems highly grateful for.

„Who fights the most wars comes up with something good“, she said on one occasion. So, she wants to make an impact and find some work eventually where she can make a difference. 

I am pretty confident she will change the world for the better.

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